Stretch Arm More for Backstroke

3 laps of free and brokebacks
My eyes felt the stung of the chlorine yesterday coz I wasn't wearing goggles during backstroke. Water was washing my face and into my eyes. Today I stretched my arms more for the catch and I was moving faster and longer. Makes sense. I completed a couple of lengths and wore my goggles a few times. It's difficult finding markers though when I have them on coz there are no pennants at the pool. I managed to minimize hesitations in between strokes, meaning, the stroke turnover was faster. There was lotsa more risk getting water washed on the face but it also meant less sinking of the head.

There were just too many kids at the pool today (for the free lessons, courtesy of the mayor) that I had to take shots. For the rest of the year after summer, it'll just be me and the chirping birds again. The old guy in the last pic is Mang Ruben the instructor.

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