My Own Freestyle Review

Yesterday: SEasy.
Had myself videoed by DH again, but this time on the Sony camera. She was with me coz it's a holiday for them at the office and she went to get the business permit. After continually reviewing the videos at home, I've concluded that all these years, my stroke was still unbalanced. My right side (the breathing side) is rotated adequately and the arm recovers well above the water. The left arm however recovers really low and it doesn't seem to completely finish the stroke.

Today: 1W SEasy.
Only one warmup lap today and it was okay. In fact, the whole session was very fast. I was more conscious in balancing my strokes today and I think I actually swam faster. I wasn't too relaxed though coz of the attention to my left side. In time, it'll be automatic - hopefully.

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Dave Diamond said...

Hi Blackdove.
You're stroke is very like mine, although you are a bit faster than me.
You rotate more to the right to breathe. Also have the feeling of not getting my left arm out adequately, generally having a sloppy entry on the left, and swimming towards the right. Does that sound like you?
Try some some zipper and underswitch, rolling to sweet spot with you right hand extended, then progress to just turning your head to breathe (on the left).
Try to fit in some left side breathing to even out your stroke. Try swimming without breathing, trying to place right and left arms to equal depth, rotating evenly to left and right. Rotate more when your right hand is extended, and less on your left.

When you breathe on your right, as you enter your right hand and extend, continue (finish) your rotation, which should help your left side to pop up.

Kicking, try to kick forward always with the leg below you. When you breathe right, as an excercise draw your left leg back and kick forward as your right arm enters the water. Do this in drills too.

PS I'm not a coach just a swimmer. I've got a blog too

Good luck

princess kanomanom said...

Hi there,
I'm Kristen, freelance fitness writer. I'm wondering if you might be interested in contributing to an article (profile of fitness-bloggers) in Prevention magazine. I'd like to pitch the editors a story in the next week or so, so if you would kindly get back to me either way...



Blackdove said...

Joe, Yes, that DOES sound a lot like me. Presently, I've been trying out some of the comments and I think I'll improve at least in balancing my stroke. Thanx for the tips and sharing your blog!

Kristen, What do I need to do?