Summer's Here!

5 laps of Freestyle Stroke Analysis
Summer's definitely here! It was so hot last night that Renz was constantly fidgeting in bed. At the pool this morning, there were telltale signs of rowdy crowd activity during the weekend - a plastic cup and a Php5 coin at the bottom of the pool. Corz I dove for the the coin and added to my kitty also known as the Blackdove's Treasure Trove. If it sounds uncannily like the pirate Blackdbeard, then yup, that's the idea.

Yesterday must've been the hottest day of year so far. This morning, the poolwater felt incredibly warm and nice. I was sweating this morning coming to the office. I think I'll get a haircut today - a SHORT haircut.

I feel a certain soreness/ strain on my forearm near the elbow. And I'm guessing it's the street badminton last Saturday. Gotta ease up on those crazy smashes and quick backhand shots.

I failed to focus the eyes towards the front end of the pool but I managed to start an arm stroke when the other arm's elbow reached the head in the recovery phase.

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George Park said...

Sounds like you are starting to get the hang of it good luck.

Blackdove said...

Thanx George. It's a long road but I'm patient. It'll be one step at a time - figuratively, of course.