More Briquettes

No swim today. I still have some sore muscles from that briquette-making workout in the weekend. We got 4 sacks of sawdust last Saturday from the sawmill so that got me started. We almost went to Villa Escudero for the weekend but the hoped for 50% discount was actually 10%. It'll be soon May so with the free weekend, I mixed up 3 more big pails (vats, actually) of sawdust and paper slurry for briquette-making. This is a continuation of my previous entry here.

One thing surprised me is, a day after the shots below were taken, the level of the slurry rose to a good 1 and a half inch higher than the rim of the pail. So, considering that the level was still 2 inches below the rim, the total rise was 3 and a half inches! Good thing that none of the mixture spilled out. I realized that the paper fibers have "swollen" and the whole mixture just rose, just like dough.

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