Thumb to Hip Cue

Pool was more crowded today. I couldn't help but compare how the pool looks now with what it will be like after the summer - EMPTY, EVERYDAY. Ah well, might as well deal with it - for a change. Other than the coach Mang Ruben taking the time with a wristwatch, there was some other guy with a clipboard taking records. I doubt if the kids really followed the coach's instructions to the letter. I mean 4 sets of 100's with brief rests !!! Some of them would just weazel out of it by stopping here and there to the point that the coach angrily shouted "pinaglolokohan niyo ako ah!"

Funny, I thought that the second cue made me faster in the water today. Plus, I added a third cue:
  1. Left ear to left shoulder. This ensures the head doesn't rise too much when taking a breath. This makes you flatter on the water, more streamlined and faster.

  2. Right eye to right arm. Ensures that you can easily inhale. This position makes your head turn just a little to the back. Facing a little forward has the risk of water entering the mouth.

  3. Thumbs to hips. Doing this ensures that you push water all the way to the back, thus maximizing the stroke.

Except for Che and Karen's guitar lessons and Sandra's swimming lessons, it's been a mostly lazy summer vacation for the kids. So board and card games have pretty much some of their activities. Here's a pic of the kids at the backyard playing Millionaires Game - a portent to the future?

DH fetched Sandra from swimming today coz Tita Gay attended Efren's funeral. Che and Karen have started attending daily seminar's at the St. Peregrine Church for the Confirmation Ceremony.

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