The Smile Cue

5 laps freestyle, 1 lap backstroke

There were several cars at the driveway today. I thought there must be families out for swimming. But nopes, there were just more kids taking lessons. There were 3 girls in particular who all had the same outfit. They had black short sleeve tops like the one ballet dancers use and the requisite black cycling shorts. They were probly of the ages 14, 10 and 8.

I think I'm getting just a little more streamlined and hence faster. After a long while, I saw RC today at the pool doing his usual freestyle laps. RC is taller and slimmer than me. I really didn't mind him coz we've seen each other before and so I did my usual laps. I focused on just being relaxed with the usual long slow strokes. At one time, we got together at one end. He pushed off. After maybe 2 body lengths later, I decided to push off myself. When I though I was about 8 meters away from the other end, I saw lots of very fine bubbles - like all of a sudden the surrounding water became "misty". I couldn't quickly figure out what was going on. And then it happened. I saw the hazy outline of RC himself. What? I caught up with him after his lead of 2 body lengths? Corz I wasn't entirely sure if he was swimming at that point coz his body was tilted with the legs down and dragging. But since I just assumed that he was still swimming, I was just pleasantly surprised! He was at the wall first but still I was happy.

Today, I heard the coach constantly admonishing the kids to keep relaxed when they do the strokes and when they breath. I thought to myself - am I relaxed? Do I LOOK relaxed? Hmmmm. I've heard and read and actually practiced (in Toastmasters speeches anyway) that smiling can relax you. Sounds crazy but it may just work in swimming! That way, the muscles don't go tensing up which tires you even more.

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Ka Uro said...

hi blackdove, thanks for your comments in my blog. i'll take your suggestion of smiling. i think that'll work. cheers

Blackdove said...

Hi Ka Uro. Ah yessss... Smiling, especially before a speech will not only relax you. It will relax your audience as well. Try it sometime. Or imagine you being part of the audience. When a speaker smiles first before he speaks, you suddenly become relaxed and more "open" to him.