Is this the "After 6" or After Six Diet?

No swim today. It's Bobot's funeral and I was thinking Tita Gay won't get to Metro on time (well, she did). I skipped, just to be sure as I took Renz with us. It's Karen's interview at MunSci today.

For a week now, on and off, I've been trying what has been termed here as the After Six diet. But it's not for the purpose that all folks here think of - and that is to lose weight. It may have THAT side effect though and I'd welcome it wholeheartedly.

I've recently stumbled on an article in a forum for triathletes (not that I am one) called Trifuel. This article purports that allowing the body to settle in a fasting state 3 hours before bedtime makes it release the most HGH (human growth hormone). HGH speeds up the recovery of the body and the longer the body is in a fasting state while asleep, the more the HGH is released and the more the body recovers. The result you feel fresher and the body is healthier. You may find the link here or here. It's funny coz when I read it, it quickly reminded me of the "After Six" diet that has become popular here. But googling it over, there weren't too many hits. The article is really an interesting read so do check it out.

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