Sandra's Swim Graduation

No Swim Today (for me).
Today's the last day of advanced swimming lessons for Sandra. For this last day, they had a familiarization session for the frog kick. They were unable to cover all 4 strokes but at least they had good focus on the freestyle and backstroke.

Graduation rites were supposed to be held at 12 noon today. But Sandra's much too tired and Tita Gay still has to bring lunch to Che and Karen (in Confirmation practice) so they're forgoing the ceremonies. Renz was with us today so we treated them to Jollibee pancakes, hot choco and hotsilog (hotdog, sinangag and itlog).

Here's an interesting technique that I just discovered from their lessons. It's a survival stroke utilizing a paddle-wheel turning of the arms. Pretty neat. I gotta try it sometime.

Here's a sequence of action shots showing Sandra doing the backstroke.
Right: Sandra's about to kick from wall, arms in streamline position.
Center: notice the nice clean extension of the arm.
Left: arm is straight out in recovery. Sandra's body position is very good and her face is above the water at all times.

Here's Sandra's classmates with their coach at the deepend.

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