Colds from Sore Throat

No Swim Today
The sore throat I had last Thursday from orienting the Process Tech on a new process plus getting wet from last Friday's morning rains made me vulnerable to colds. Typhoon Caloy gave us a beating too. I was just lazying at home practically the whole weekend with the sniffles. I did manage to merge and convert some of the old crappy Casio video clips into wmvs using Moviemaker and vcds using Nero.

Renz was all bright and perky yesterday and greeted me with a thunderous "Happy Mother's Day, Papa!!!" Hmm, thanx son.

Overheard last night after the kids attended a birthday party at Jollibee:
Renz: Tita, bakit may pakpak si Jollibee?
Tita: Siyempre, bee kasi siya.
Renz: Bee? Eh bakit may sungay?
Tita: (snickering) Hindi sungay iyon, antennae yon.
Renz: Parang... parang TV?

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arGlene said...

It's wonderful how kids can be adorable noh...

I have had experiences too with my nephew and funny they may seem without being aware of it!

Blackdove said...

Yes, kids that young (3-5 years)just say the darnest things. We find humor but to them it is a serious learning experience.