My 7th Toastmasters Speech

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Update: I've archived all my TOASTMASTERS SPEECHES in the LINKS portion at the sidebar or access all of them here.

The toastmasters session today went through with some minor hitches. First Roxy didn't make it to Kimberly-Clark (KCPI) coz she was at Customs the whole afternoon. I was a little worried that nobody would evaluate me. Fortunately Khris Albano from Diageo was there. So basically, we were the only outsiders at KCPI. There were 10 of us there and I was surprised that Khris felt that there were too few people. Too few? I've spoken to a group less than half of THAT! There was a little confusion as to who will assume what roles. Finally, after one more prepared speaker came, I became a prepared speech evaluator.

The table topics segment was funny. TM Junjun prepared pictures instead of quotes for the topics. So it was basically anything under the sun for the impromptu topics. Funny thing is the first "volunteered" (forced) speaker was from KCPI and the succeeding were also "volunteered" KCPI speakers. In other words, NOBODY freely volunteered. I could've volunteered but the way each were egging and throwing each other to speak was just too funny and I didn't want to spoil the fun.

For my role, I evaluated an icebreaker speech (my second evaluation) by Jenny (the dancer). It was a nice spontaneous speech about her passion which is dancing. I requested the TM of the Night, Jess to let me go first so that when Jenny speaks after me, I could freely and continuously do my notes even after her speech. This I could not do had I spoken after her.

The delivery of my 7th Toastmaseters Speech went remarkably well! Click here to see the text. I had some pauses and I thought I won't recall the next idea. But at the last nanosecond, the idea reappeared. There's really something about being confident when speaking - the ideas just magically reappear when you thought you've forgotten them. So yes, I didn't miss anything this time. And I was below the time limit! Yehey! The target range was 5 to 7 minutes and I made it in 6:15 mins. My evaluator was Khris Albano. Khris actually evaluated me once when I was a test speaker at the Bureau of Customs for my 3rd speech. Khris entered the Evaluator contest at that time so this is not the first time for him to hear me.

Anyway, here's some of the constructive feedback given by TM Khris on my speech:
  • Cite the resources used in the speech, e.g., wikipedia, newspaper articles, etc. (why didn't I think of that?)
  • The opening and ending could've been tied up much better and then tied together with the title. (Yup, there seems to be a hodgepodge of ideas that didn't connect well.)
Some of the nice feedback on my evaluation to TM Jenny's icebreaker speech:
  • Spoke from the heart.
  • Very thorough.
  • Be consistent in using the second person "you" when addressing the evaluatee.(Argh - I keep forgetting this, but am improving).

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