Speech #7 Topic

No Swim Today
I was blowing my nose a little more than usual that I felt a little strange sensation in my left ear. So I decided to skip this morning's swim just to be sure.

And I was glad I did. It gave me time to finish the script for my Toastmasters Speech Project #7. Actually, I stayed up pretty late last night. I just couldn't sleep as my mind was racing with ideas that I could incorporate in my speech. I'd turn on the night lamp, get my notebook and scribble notes while in bed. Ahhh, that's what I get for researching just a little too much on the topic which is on Mount Everest. I didn't want to miss all that was running in my head so kept turning on the light and then writing notes. Too bad the Toastmasters session didn't push through today. I'll more likely deliver the speech tomorrow at Kimberly Clark. Which may be a good thing coz I'm feeling tired and sleepy today. Hopefully I'll be in better shape to speak tomorrow. One thing's for sure though - I'm pretty much excited!

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