Back to Backstroke

25 x 6 backRestarted studying backstroke. Although I float better, I can only manage 3/4 of the 25 meter pool. That's just a little better than before coz I could only half of it in the past - either I sink or wash too much water over my face. I also managed to swim back without the goggles on. It feels so much better to see everything in the peripheral vision unlike with goggles where you see mostly what's infront. The trick for me to prevent water washing over the face is not to shoot the recovering straight up, but rather in a 11 o'clock (for left arm) and 1 o'clock (for right arm) for a narrow Y-position.

I should also learn to focus kicking from the hips. The right knee started acting up again when the knee bend was wider and the knee joint was exerting more effort. But overall it was good though. Going back to backstroke called on a different set of muscles as against freestyle. I feel a little soreness on the delts and upper traps for the arm stroke; and on the lower back for the kick.

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