Renz's First Day at IJMC

5 x 50 free

After a week's hiatus I'm back in the pool. Since it was a holiday yesterday, the crowd was there again as evidenced by the 5 peso coin and 25 cent coin I recovered from the bottom to add to the Blackdove's Treasure Trove. I also recovered a funny locking pendant. The wounds near my right elbow are healing up quite nicely. I'm presently using Sebo de Macho - a whitish cream that supposedly helps in the healing of broken skin to prevent scars. Growing up, I've never used this. But with a bad scar on my left elbow which I got from a huge boil that got out of hand, I don't want that kind of scarring again. Well, so far so good.

Today was Sandra and Renz's first day of school. Since Karen is now at MunSci, Sandra's going solo at LaCo. She also has a new school service. She was picked up early today at 5:30am I actually went to LaCo to see her settle down but the traffic going to school was heavier than usual and I got there at 7am already. And the parking lot was full. So I just went ahead to swim.

Almost midafternoon I drove over to Renz's new school IJMC as a Kinder-1 student. His sked is 8am to 11am. He seems to be coping up pretty well for his first day of school. The pic on the left shows Renz coming out of the classroom at dismissal. Parents and guardians were there to fetch kids too. Pic on the right shows Renz seemingly stunned, speechless and stupefied that fun's over at school and we have to go home. Talaga, ha?

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