First Day of School at MunSci

Last Monday was first day of school for Che and Karen. Karen's wearing her new uniform for her new school for high school. Looks good! Ate Che is at II-Evans while Karen is at I-Avogadro.

Since Munsci is just nearer than Laco, Karen, like ate won't need to wake up as early as before. Now, Tita Gay no longer needs to fetch since Karen and Che will be together coming home. It's really great that Karen managed the entrance exams. On the first day, both DH and I were there. There was quite a lengthy orientation at the quadrangle at around 8am, we decided to leave. I drove DH to her new office at P3 Sta. Rosa using the Timbao route. Over at P3, I met Mon Rico on the way out. Gosh, he's been there for 5 years now.

I'll most probly be taking them to school this entire week or at least until I can go swimming again. This wound on my elbow is taking too long to heal.

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