Hook to Boomerang

50 x 5 free

I didn't really plan on swimming today. I chased Sandra to school but she got there ahead of me. Luckily I got there before flag ceremony so I got to warn her about the hotdog sandwich that didn't 'taste right'. We just agreed that she'll take some from her lunch for the morning break. Anyway, since I was already there I just proceeded to the pool since traffic going the other way (to the office) was getting heavy.

There was a small family 2 adults and 3 kids that went to the pool just as I got out. When they found out that the kiddie pool had no water (used only during summer vacation), the dad changed his mind and called the kids to back out.?? I guess NOBODY knew how to swim. Too bad for them, coz they were carrying lots of foodstuffs and drinks. I don't quite get it. The shallowest part of my pool is only 4 feet high.

It's the second time now that I notice that consciously hooking my forearm into a boomerang (to keep the elbows high) seem to make me faster. This, as compared to just the normal stroke where I just assume I do a high elbow every time. Hmmm, that's another cue right there. Another cue to remember is to finish the freestyle stroke all the way to the hips.

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