"Jewels at the Podium"

50 x 5 free, 25 x 3 back

I had a good workout today in spite of the heavy chlorine smell today at the pool. The moment I jumped in, the smell of chlorine was in the air. These days I'm getting to the pool earlier than usual. "Usual" was 7:20am. Now it is 7am. Ever since DH was assigned at P3 (Sta.Rosa), almost a month ago, I'm now leaving the house at 6:30am with Che and Karen riding with me. Because I'm at the pool early, I get to do more and actually finish before 8am. Today, my arms, legs and neck feel "wasted" or fatigued. I guess it's a sign of a good workout or maybe, old age.

Yesterday at the Cost and Quality training, Doc Noy asked me about my plans for my final 2 speeches prior CTM certification. He asked about speech 10 and I said it was about education for the youth. Corz, I've been planning to deliver that speech regarding Worldvision for quite some time now. And then, for speech 9 he suggested that I deliver it next week early Tuesday at 7:30am before an audience of engineers who are being mentored by our club's CTM's. He even suggested a generic topic - the benefits or importance of good communication skills. Ok, I thought that would be a convenient venue for me. Although an initial title I was thinking for a swimming-related speech was entitled "Jewels at the Pool", now I could actually rehash the title with the new suggested topic. And the title will be "Jewels at the Podium". Yeah, these titles are in vague reference to a recent Koreanovela entitled "Jewel at the Palace". This telenovela was a very big hit just recently. And no, I never watched it.

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