Toastmasters Speech #8

Wednesday: No Swim
I came to the office early today to prepare the visuals for my upcoming Toastmasters Speech #8 entitled "The Devil's Gardens".

Thursday: 50 x 5 with 3T
Tried a pool dive today. I hit the water flat and felt a little soreness on my back.

Today: 50 x 2
I had to leave the pool early coz I scraped a few skin patches on my right elbow when I attempted a better dive. I thought it was a clean dive though coz I went up and straight down (to the bottom). Good thing it was my elbow and not my face.

Toastmasters Update:
Completed my 8th Toastmasters Speech last night! 2 to go to be a CTM! First off, I was a little disappointed with the way things turned out.
  • First, I went to the wrong office! Fortunately the guard at the HSBC Branch office was so helpful and I got to the the right venue (HSBC Call Center) 15 minutes ahead of sked. From Bridegway avenue, I didn't know the access to the office's parking so I just parked by the roadside.

  • Second, the audience didn't seem to be as excited as in other TMC I've been to before. I don't know, maybe I was just expecting a bit more fanfare since it was their very first meeting ever and that made the progamme a bit special. Doc Noy texted that they were planning something "big" and I kinda understood coz they've got some big names there for their first meeting! They had Gina Mapua, the 3rd ranking TM officer in the country; Doc Noy, Division H governor; Olive R., Area Governor and Larry B., Club President. Whatever "big" it was that Doc Noy referred to, I didn't see it at the TM session. Except for the few people I met, everybody seemed "cold" and there was not a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Seemed like they were just pulled out from their jobs to attend another boring meeting.

  • Third, the TM session was really late for my taste. We started past 8pm and after some lengthy introductions and orientation from officers, I finally gave my speech at 9pm. I guess I was tired and a bit hungry. The fact that I had to follow a speech delivered by Gina was another! She gave a nice speech and the audience loved her. So, I felt the pressure on me when it was my turn. But what the heck, I gave it my best and although I was disappointed, it wasn't so bad.
The delivery of my speech could've been better. I faltered when I missed some transition points and Gina the evaluator was really sharp and quick to have noticed them. Later on, Perps, who I recognized to be an impromptu contestant at BOC and has heard the previous version of the speech, commented that this version was better. I promptly left at 10pm, tired and hungry, right after Gina left. And the session wasn't even over yet coz they were electing their officers.

Anyways, I think I've had it with this speech topic (not that it's the only one I've used so far). But it certainly has lost it's novelty with me. The only reason I chose it again was the thought that simply adding visuals to an old speech will be easy. In a way it was because of familiarity. In a way it wasn't because of too much familiarity. I'm used to gesturing it but not looking and pointing to the new visual aids. For now, I need a break.

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