Some Bad News?

Sculling Mostly

What a hiatus. It was too long that I think I've gained tons of weight. Today, I passed by the pool and I'm glad I did. First, I brought Sandra's locker key duplicate to her school. She forgot her id (where her key was attached) at home. I learned from Tita Gay that she needed some books in her locker so she can review for exams. Fortunately, I had my copy of that key and so I didn't have to go home first to get her key. I've had the duplicate since Karen was still using it in HER locker. Finally had the opportunity to use it!

After giving the key, I just decided to go to the pool. It wasn't raining so I thought I'll try. The pool water was cool so I wore the swimcap. It felt like I haven't swam in ages! I mostly did some continuous sculling and some trick swims: hands behind the head while backfloating with frog kicks; arms behind back with frog kicks, legs 'bound' together with elemetary backstroking of the arms - all in good fun and stretch. I managed to gulp in some water though due to the switching from front to side to back.

From the pool, I went back to the bank for the update of time deposits. At the office, it felt like I've got blood pumping through my feet and legs again. I didn't have the 'foot falling asleep' syndrome today after sitting long at the office.

A bit of bad news. Looks like the resort I go to is up for sale. I just saw the sign today. I wonder why. Coincidentally the boss at the office is also quitting. Now that one, I'm not wondering too much as to why. But still. Things come and go. Maybe it's time to move on too.

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