Typhoon Florita

No swim for the whole week!
Florita. What an odd name for a typhoon. Over the radio, it sounded like Florida. It's been wet like... wet. I've taken the kids the school thrice in the morning due to the early morning thunderstorms. And school have been suspended for 2 days. There's just plenty of rain, day and night. Florita's gone to Taiwan but it's still wet here.

I'm wondering why Doc Noy can't still update my status at the TMI website. He sez different Toastmasters Clubs might be jamming the site for updates due to term's end. That's what he assumed. I don't get it. For a "big" website like Toastmasters, I find it strange that they, the webmasters, haven't thought about this dilemma and leave it to users to guess what's happening. At any rate, I've ordered 2 advanced manuals: The Entertaining Speaker and The Professional Speaker for the ATM-Bronze or AC-Bronze level.

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