Typhoon Glenda

No swim because of Glenda
What a sexy name for a typhoon. Glenda's here and so is Ate Glo's SONA. No school for NCR. DH was late making lunch for Sandra so I had to bring Sandra's lunch to school.

I attended the Toastmasters Officer Training yesterday at Bureau of Customs Bldg, NAIA. Lots of officer toastmasters and met some new toastmasters too. Other than myself, there's Doc Noy and a couple of nurses from the office clinic. I guess I'll be the VP-Public Relations for this term. The training was good. It was conducted by the bubbly and energetic Gina Mapua. Her slides and her training were interesting. Breaktime was late, but still forgivable. The thing that irked me and I guess some of the others too is how some senior governors noisily yakked away while the training was ongoing. These senior shitmasters acted like they owned the conference room and just didn't care about the training and the new officers. I guess they didn't learn much listening skills on their journey towards attaining their DTM's and ATM's. Shame.

I finally met Elisa Tay from the Durian Toastmasters club in Davao. She was articulate and spontaneously funny even though she had a short talk. One of the toastmasters there looked suspiciously like Michael V.! He spoke a few words and promptly seated himself infront. I mean he was right just there infront of me and I had to keep myself from blurting (or even whispering) out "Bitoy". He's got this glazed look in his eyes and was coughing the whole session. He looked so sleepy (and drunk) and would occasionally glance at the audience - still, with the glazed look in his eyes. It was I guess to look for some pretty faces to keep himself from snoozing. I was practically waiting for a camera to show up and a few guys to shout 'Yari Ka!!!'. Scary.

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