Evaluation at UPS Toastmasters Club

Still no swim.
This blog's been inactive lately. It's cold in the morning and it's so difficult to proceed to the pool. However, I realize now that everyday, there's heavy traffic right infront of the office. It's about a 500 meter stretch and it's frustrating to get stuck in the traffic around 7am for 15 minutes. So next week, I'll force myself to get back to the pool to at least avoid this stupid traffic everyday. I noticed before that after finishing the swim at 8am, the traffic there isn't as bad. So... we'll see.

Toastmasters Update:
Yesterday, I was invited to evaluate speakers at the UPS Toastmasters Club at NOL Towers. It was the other night though that Gov. Dona Ado texted me to assist in the evaluation. There were supposed to be 5 prepared speech speakers and 2 table topics speakers. For evaluation there were supposed to be 4 of us guest evaluators (Rema, Lolet, Beth and me). All three are ATMs. Rema is DG (Division Governor) while Lolet and Beth are AGs (Area Governors).

The evaluators’ job last night was taxing to say the least. TMs Lolet and Beth didn’t make it so it was just up to us, TM Rema and myself. I evaluated Anne and Cecil (speech num1 and num2) and the 2 table topics speakers Eva and Cris. We did manage to pull through though. It was good also that the President, SB Lim had the foresight to start the session on time. Rather than wait too much for the other evaluators, he didn’t waste time and proceeded to start with the business matters. And I’m glad he did coz the meeting promptly ended at 8:00 – much to my delight. It also helped that everybody kept their time as attested by the Timer. Overall, an overly enthusiastic and productive TM meeting.

Today I attended an officer's meeting. Sigh. So many issues - hopefully we will overcome. See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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diamondblue said...

Hi Blackdove! Yep, I attended the officers' training Sunday of last week. I'm guessing that you're VP PR. I'm VP Educ.

Blackdove said...

Hi Diamond_blue. Yes, I'm VPPR. I guess you were seated at the front row also coz that's where your clubmates were seated.