Good Swim after a Long Time

50 x 3 free
Noontime swim sorta just did what it felt like and put in a couple of ebacks too.
The new boss reported today. Heard a funny remark while he was being introduced to the rest of the gang - "Halfday, everyday". It sounded like "Milo Everyday".

The old boss' despedida is a quiet one and will be dinner on Friday at Saisaki. It's supposed to be a secret. Yeah, right. Must be a sad departure - so silent, so quiet - "parang pusa na basta na lamang aalis" Oh well.

50 x 5 free
Had a nasty case of the runs last night - probly 7. And oh my tummy ached. Woke up at 12am, 1am, 2am, 230am, 3am, 4am just to go to the bathroom. I wonder what caused it.

Apparently the runs couldn't stop me from today's swim which totally rocked!!! The weather was fine, the sun was out, and the water, 'cept from some dirt was perfect! It was so good that I did 50 x 5 and alternated with ebacks. Not the simple ebacks mind you but the tricky 'no-hands' type. After some fiddling, I learned that the way to do no-hands was NOT to kick strict frog style. Doing so creates waves on the kick's recovery. The waves pushes towards the face. Yuk. So what to do? Well, do a scissors type kick! This has a couple of advantages.
  1. The kick doesn't create much wave coz the legs are always under the waterline. Scissor kicks movement is slicing sideways. They don't have much vertical oscillation and thus don't raise the water up.
  2. Doing the scissors kick on the back is like doing a modified sidestroke on the back. Doing this allows you to navigate and look easily where you're going as in a normal sidestroke.
After today's swim, I felt so good and rejuvenated despite the lack of a good night's sleep.

Looks like I'm having my hands (and mouth) full with the evaluation engagements I'm getting. Governor Lolet called today about some evaluation assignments. I've not met her yet but she's got a nice voice! Apparently some folks have been giving some good reviews about me. And no, I don't really let that get into my head.
  • Aug 9, Wed, 6:15pm - KCPI, San Pedro
  • Aug10, Thu, 6:00pm - Gloria Maris Resto, Town Center (Alabang Community TMC)
  • Aug18, Fri, 7:00pm - Poquito Mas, Town Center (KCPI TMC Charter Presentation)

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