First Advanced Speech Tonight!

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Wasn't too sunny today but still, the water was good. Typhoon Inday is gone and Juan is moving slowly. Where do they get these names? From Wakasan or Itutuloy komiks? For the fancy eback I do hands behind back, hands showing above water and hands behind head. The hands-behind-the-head is very tricky. It LOOKS relaxed, but it's much more diffcult due to the change in weight distribution. Putting the arms behind the head transfers more weight in the head region and therefor sinks it more. I guess the trick is to really extend the elbows out so they act as outriggers in a canoe therefore stabilizing the body and assisting buoyancy.

I think I got a morning swim sched that's gonna work for me. Get in the pool at 7:10am, do the above workout and finish by 7:45am. That's around 30mins+ of swim, I shower and still get to catch the 8am "Hot Ten" Yeah!

Aside from doing an Evaluator's job tonight at KCPI TMC, I'll also be giving my first Advanced Speech. Fortunately, Gov. Lolet who called agreed to be my evaluator and TM Jess Mariano is glad to have me speak again at their club. Actually, Gov. Lolet called me up for a bunch of other evaluator jobs too like evaluating for the Alabang Community Toastmasters Club tomorrow at Gloria Maris Restaurant at ATC and another evaluating job at Poquito Mas Restaurant for the KCPI chartering on Friday next week. Whew! Luckily, I'm not booked for this Friday coz it's the old boss' bye-bye party. Honestly, I think I need a new wardrobe. My present red and blue Hawaiian shirts that make me look like an old bartender from Puerto Galera just don't cut it anymore. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll go get some green and yellow Hawaiian shirts next time.

Anyway, this is Advanced Speech #1 (Entertaining Speech) of The Entertaining Speaker Manual. It'll be fun delivering this speech coz it's mostly storytelling an unforgettable experience about my first time to set foot in the United States.

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