Toastmasters Officers Induction Cancelled

And I suppose the cancellation will be indefinite. Although I've sent the title of my speech since Monday, I've not gotten any feedback at all about the supposed meeting today. None, nothing, nada, zilch, ala, wala, anggapo. This club is in a state of inertia. Thus far, I only noticed Doc Noy and myself sending feedback. For today's meeting, there was no programme given out. And since there was no programme, I can only think there's no meeting. But it gets worse. It's up to you to use your ESP and predict that there'll be no meeting coz there's no announcement saying the meeting is cancelled either! Had it not been for Doc Noy, I wouldn't have known for sure there's no meeting today. Fortunately, he called me at the last minute yesterday to say it will be deferred.

I'm beginning to think that the only way for me to progress now with my toastmastering is through other clubs. Shame. I feel like a mendicant here requesting, nay, begging for slots at other clubs so that I could deliver my speeches. It's just a good thing that Doc Noy has enough clout to inform/ convince other clubs to take me in.

There's a sentiment in a recent meeting that the reason toastmasters here doesn't fly is coz some folks don't support it strongly enough. And the reason? They think they're "GOOD ENOUGH". Bwahahahahaha! Good enough? Bwahahahahaha! Well, the other reason I think is that many folks here think that toastmasters here is just for personality development. Why? Coz, professionally, I don't think it doesn't get rewarded or recognized. The thinking is: So what if you have good communication or presentation skills? So what? So WhAt? SO WHAT? What only matters to some folks is you get the machine running, the rejects eliminated, the savings generated and (put whatever performance index you like here) . Yeah, right.

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