No Swim
I just realize the amount of time I need to spend on our Toastmasters Club's Blog Site. But I'm very sure it'll be worth it once done. I have some pics here and there that will definitely enliven up the site. It's in the works.

I see no point in hiding the Quartethlon medals stashed in a drawer somewhere in the house only to take up more precious space or laid out somewhere only to gather more dust. If I did that, I might just as well put them on my dog's collar. Hey there, Toastmaster Snoopy! It would've given her more pride doing her job as guard dog.

So what I did was to set them up on a horizontal picture frame - not the one that's hung but the one that has a brace at the back for setting on the table. The hung frames are a bad idea coz I realized these medals altogether were heavy! A hung frame that dropped would definitely break the glass.

The frame below wasn't so hard to do. All's needed is some felt paper backing, some paper clips and lots of white glue.

The felt paper was glued on the cardboard backing that came with the frame. The medals and ribbons are GLUED on the felt paper. Yah, GLUED, coz I don't plan on wearing them anytime soon. I just printed out the pics of the front of the medals so I don't forget how they look like. Putting some informative tabs on the events (when and where it happened) was a nice touch. By the way, the horizontal streaks of white haze that appear on the glass are reflections of the fluorescent ceiling lights at the office. Anyway, everyone who saw this frame was impressed.

There's another reason why I chose the table picture frame. There's no more space to hang frames on the wall!

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