New Swim Cap

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I used the new swim trunks today but I didnt' stay too long as my tummy wasn't feeling well.

We picked up Sandra's report card from LaCo yesterday. Here's Sandra looking intently on her grades. After their checkup we went to SM Southmall yesterday coz it had a 3-day sale. We couldn't stay too long though as the 2 HS kids had schoolwork.

Sandra looking intently at her grades on the report card.

The old swim cap has become too dirty that I decided to buy a new one since SM was on sale anyway. I got the new one on the right at 10% off. DH found a way to clean the old one though and it was with petroleum jelly. How ingenious!

TMC Update:
I texted Doc Noy on his new cellphone for his feedback from last Saturday's contest. His last day at the office was last Friday and returned his old phone. Good thing Khris had Doc's new number and gave it to me. Doc Noy gave me some nice feedback on last Saturday's contest.

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