Okay, Fun's Over

TMC update:
Well at least I enjoyed the ride while it lasted. Today at the Division Level Eliminations, I only managed one medal - 2nd place in the Evaluation Speech event. Jun Lomuntad was the Division Champ and Voltaire was the Runner-Up. Congratulations guys !!!

DH and I were early today at the Casino Filipino. Apparently Harbor Toastmasters made the reservation at the casino and the casino staff just didn't have a clue. Luckily, there was plentiful parking space. At 7:00am, I'd suppose there'll be. Only Jun was the other guy there at the Forum Hall when we arrived. The platform had to be rearranged coz the way it was set orignally was too limiting for forward and backward movements.

"Cool as a Cucumber"
That's how Jun described me when I approached him while he was talking with Norrie (Leonor of Kimberly Clark). I think there's really no such thing as "cool as a cucumber". As I replied to other contestants when I got a similar remark, I told him that I approached this contest just like any other club meeting. And that is how I felt and LOOKED relaxed. But of course I get the cold sweaty palms especially when I'm expected to give my best.

Impromptu Speaking
The table topic was "If you were at a party abroad, who would you be most interested in talking to: a billionaire, a hollywood actress or an Olympic gold medalist." Norrie chose the billionare (Microsoft's Bill Gates). I chose the athlete (Ian Thorpe, Olympic Swimmer), Jun chose the athlete (Lance Armstrong, Tour-de-France Cyclist) and Volts chose the actress (Marlyn Monroe).

Evaluation Speech
Here I thought I really did good. The test speaker was Aret Esconde and the title of her speech was "A 15 peso ride and a Free Movie". Her speech was funny. I even called her Adette coz I heard the name wrong. Yikes! Sorry for that.

Prepared Speech
As DH said, the judges simply had other tastes and I agree. Wild gestures, lots of screaming that's bordering on the insane - that's the order of the day. Theater actors doing Sisa, Crispin and Basilio would have had a field day. Sure, "gestures" was the theme of the contest but come on, no need to be OA about it. Frankly I couldn't imagine World Champions of Public Speaking like Lance Miller, Jim Keys and many other great speakers doing too much theatrics on stage. I can't even imagine the good local speakers and lecturers doing the same. For me, I try to pattern my speech deliveries after the champion speakers coz they always look calm and professional onstage.

Singing Contest
The opening wasn't smooth coz I hit the lapel mic with my hand and lost it. Luckily the intro was long enough and I recovered okay as I still managed to clip the mic on. I don't know why I didn't place here. I thought I did good. I added more to my costumes: wrist bands, bling-bling necklace, a bandana. Bobbie even called my attention to say how she liked it! After all, it was she who suggested to put more on the costume. I had no lull in my song. DH suspects that maybe the judges just knew the other songs better. DH commented how one contestant sang off key and was out of sync with the music.

Here's me receiving the Certificate of Participation as Finalist from Gov. Rema.

Here are the contestants in last Saturday's contest (left-right): Me, Volts, Gov.Rema, Jun and Norrie.

Here's the awarding for the Evaluation Speech Contest (left-right): Bobbie, Khris, Rema, Jun, Me and Lolet. I was holding on my medal coz it was shabbily made. The ribbon didn't loop around the pendant. It even fell off as it was worn on me by Rema.

DH noticed that other than Doc Noy, my club didn't have anybody else as compared to the other clubs which were well represented. DH joked that I was "self-supporting" in that sense. Still, I'm glad she was there and I also got to meet new friends as well like Grace and Mabel from MetroDrug and Aret from DHL.

(Seated left-right: Grace, Mabel, Aret (test speaker) and DH; Standing left-right: Voltaire, Khris, Lolet and Me)

Overall, I thought I performed very well and was a winner. After all, I was prepared and I did my best in this contest. Somehow the judges just saw it the other way. What an experience! Time to move on!

Today after the contest, DH and I were mulling on what to put in our club's Toastmasters website. She gave some very insightful inputs on the pros and cons of my planned action items. Some of these inputs were implications that I never even thought of.

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