A New Regular Routine

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Recently, I've been having a routine that works really great. After hearing the Morning Rush Top Ten first batch at 6:30am, I take Che and Karen to their drop off point near Mercury Drug where they take the tricycle to school. From there I go straight to the pool. I still get to hear the 7:00am spiel of Chico and Delamar. I do a 30 to 40 minute swim and get out at 7:45am to shower. After the shower, I still catch the 8:00am batch of Top Ten on the way to the office! And I realize I've been doing this routine for days (weeks?) now. But it doesn't stop there.

When I get to the office, I take my "morning fix" - a bowl of half rice, scrambled (sometimes fried) egg, a big glob of catsup and a glass of black coffee. Funny, how I riled a former boss for taking half rice and one egg, EVERYDAY, coz I was thinking he was just too cheap. I put coffee in glass coz it stays warm longer that way than in a cup. And I take it just black - no sugar, no cream, no milk, nothing else. It's not exactly the healthiest meal, but it works for me.

There's one thing that keeps me wondering though when I pick up the scrambled eggs at the company cafeteria. There's ALWAYS a queue of folks waiting for the eggs being fried or scrambled. They don't get the ones already on the saucers on the table, even if these were just cooked only 2 minutes ago! I mean, what's up with that? Do you absolutely need eggs (enough to queue for them) that are only newly cooked?

TMC update:
I was at Diageo in Laguna Technopark with Doc Noy last night to be evaluated for my Advanced Speech #2 of The Entertaining Speaker manual (Resources for Entertainment). I've cut so much of the original speech to ensure I don't go over the time limit. It's tough. It worried me when their amber(yellow) lit up coz it appeared to be red. It was actually orange.

I found out that they had visitors (outsiders) who frequent their club. Interesting. I also evaluated Fritz on his 3rd speech. I had an interesting conversation with Doc Noy too since he rode in my car - his motivation at toastmasters, what jumpstarted him for his nursing career and his future plans in the US. I feel so tired today, but I still need to revise the ending of my speech as well as work on the jacket for the Rock 'n Roll Singing contest.

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