Choreo Practice

Yesterday: 50 x 5 free
Tried today turning from a prone position (treading) to a supine position and then back to prone position in one (almost!) continuous motion. I thought it was cool.
TMC (Toastmasters Club)
No meeting again tomorrow. (groan) Doc Noy called me late in the afternoon to say there will be no meeting tomorrow. I heard that the mentored engineers didn't show much interest to join the club. Ah well.

Today: 50 x 4 free.
Had to cut short my workout today to deposit some checks.
TMC update
I practiced early morning today at 4am the brief choreo for my song at toastmasters. Why 4am? Well, kids were all over the living room last night that it was tough to practice without getting distracted. The choreo takes a little walking to connect with the audience. As such, this will entail a little more floor space and so I moved the tables. Practice went okay. My legs tire out easily nowadays compared to when I was much younger.

Now that we no longer have the comparatively heavy wooden table, it's much easier now to create space. Last month, we bought another plastic table for study purposes. The kids are getting bigger and all need som table workspace. The center table as shown below is still good enough for Renz but for the rest it's getting small.

So last month, we bought another of these plastic with metal legs tables from Ace. It's quite sturdy and can be used outdoors although we only use it inside. So now we have 2 of these tables, we brought the old wooden center table to Pampanga for safekeeping. The two tables put together ALMOST takes the same footprint as the old center table.

The great thing about these plastic tables is they are light and easy to slide to wherever. With seats everywhere, the kids could simply position the tables where they want them.

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