Typhoon Milenyo

No Swim.
And it'll be that way for a while maybe. It's been days that the sun peeks briefly in the morning, disappears by noon and the darkened sky drenches everything else by the afternoon.

Typhoon Milenyo was spotted at Catanduanes and Sorsogon. They're now at signal #2. Milenyo - hmmm, what an odd name. First time I heard it over the radio, I thought it was Enyo, which made more sense really. Enyo seems to be a more common guy nickname. Maybe my hearing's gone bad? At the Area Quartethlon Evaluation contest I misheard the Test Speaker's name as Maria Linda. Her name is Erlinda. And then at the Division Quartethlon Evaluation, I also misheard the Test Speaker's name as Adette. Well, sorry for that, Aret! Aret? For Margaret? Aretha?

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