Late Afternoon Swim

I took half the day off today. And this was to renew my driver's license. Wow, it took more than 2 hours to finish! Gosh. Maybe it's because it's Friday. That tells me not to renew during Fridays. It's great though that they use the "number" system there where there are no queues and you just wait your name to be called. Well at least it's more convenient for me that way. Plus, I actually didn't expect to be getting the plastic id today, but I did! No more waiting for 90 days (or was that 1 month?) I was just a little stress out after that renewal and so I decided to go back for a swim at around 4:00pm.

They added more water in to pool so it looked greenish but the pump was on. I suppose this is in preparation for the weekend revelers. I did maybe 3 polos and I learned something:
  1. Keep the mouth closed. Polo-style free isn't like Dog Paddle/ Crawl coz it is so much more splashier. So keep the mouth closed and just take short quick breaths.
  2. Be sure to keep in lots of air. Hardly release air while paddling. Do release a lot though when you're ready to breath. This ensures that the chest part remains buoyant and you don't have to strain so much raising the head above water - which I actually felt at the first lap.
It's good that I always bring spare goggles in my swimbag. After doing a strong push for an elemback I somehow lost my goggles and I realized they were missing from my forehead when I came back at the push-off wall. Initially, I scoured the bottom part just looking from above the surface, but didn't see them anywhere. So I put on the black goggles and presto, there they were at the bottom just near the push-off wall! It's really so much easier to see with goggles - no contest. And this reminds me of a nagging question about lifeguards and rescue swimmers. Why don't they wear goggles if it helps visibility?

If there's one thing I need to keep in mind about losing the goggles is this. It is better to wear the goggles lower on the forehead, no matter how 'awkward' it feels or looks. This is so that I could always see the rim of the gogs and feel them on my eyebrows.

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