2006 Christmas Tree Pics

Pool was very clean today, Monday. I would've wanted to workout longer but I felt some soreness in my ears after blowing out water too hard. I better just 'bubbles' instead next time.

On the way to Festi yesterday, we heard over the radio that Manny Pacquiao won. Okay. And today, I heard over the radio that a couple of guys in Laguna died due to heart attack yesterday while watching the bout.

Anyway, Che wanted to buy some sequins and we looked for the cellphone Karen wanted but found that it was out of stock. Maybe next time. Che by the way is Top One in her class! Go Che! After coming home, I decided to take the Christmas tree pictures. Everybody still seemed to be in a good mood and Renz was still wide awake.

Here's the gang standing.

The pics showed their faces with shadows from the overhead light. And so I had another session but this time with some additional lights in front of them. Note that there are no more shadows under their chins.

Here's Manny PacPac being 'hoisted' by the adoring fans.

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