Che's Blowout

Overcast Skies
There's a slight morning breeze today and the sky just a bit overcast and so I skipped today's swim. Last night was a bit warm actually.
Some of Che's classmates were at the house for dinner. There's Jean-Rose, Johanna, Gemma and Gladys. The girls had special palabok, pichi-pichi and lumpiang shanghai (c/o Tita Gay).

There's Sandra helping herself with the palabok while Che enjoys the food.

The cake came very late 9:00pm (c/o DH) and so it was just us. Here's Karen with his trademark smile.

Karen and Sandra seem to be praying "Ama Namin" in the shot below with Karen appearing overly devout albeit smiling. No, they're actually singing "Happy Birthday" while clapping. Renz is really amused at the two.

I have to say that this is the yummiest cake I've tasted from Red Ribbon. Really! It's relatively new (at least for me) and is called Marjolaine. It's dense and not at all fluffy. It's got nuts, choco and tastes like Sansrival. We also had Pancit Canton which was very good. Burp!

Happy 14th Birthday Che!

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