Hapi Bday Che! Sandra is Model Pupil

A Couple of PolosI did a couple of polos today and whew! This stroke is a lung-buster! And I should do MORE of them. This'll really workup the stamina. Perhaps I'd do them one length and without stopping, follow with elemback to rest.It was Sandra's awarding day for Model Pupil so I thought I'd swim first then go there. Last year, the awarding seemed late as Sandra was awarded probly 8:30am so today I targetted to be there before 8am just to be sure. I got there at 7:50am. Well, I was wrong. As I got inside the school's gate, all the kids were streaming out of the gym already. Argh! Still, I was lucky in that the grade 4 pupils haven't passed me by yet. I saw Mr. Durante (Sandra's adviser) and asked if I could just have pics instead - just to save the day.

Apparently, they're much stricter with the time now (which is good) and they target to finish the awards at 7:30am. Ah well. Here's Sandra's certificate below. Congratulations, Sandra!

I didn't make it to Alvin's Despedida last night coz Jorge put on the louver for the car aircon, rear doorlock knob and door stopper. And after that we decided to put up the Christmas lights. Not a whole lot - just to feel the spirit. Here's our centerpiece, the capiz parol. It's been with us for more than 14 years now. Yup, older than Che! This lantern is quite durable as it's one of the original capiz lanterns that came out when they first became popular. The capiz shells in lanterns then were thicker and the craftsmanship was very good.

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