More Right Sidestroke

Yes, I'm getting faster now and feeling a little more of the right groove. Doesn't feel like a real sidestroke yet, more like a modified heads-up breaststroke with scissors, but it'll come. Today I also learned to position my goggles very slowly. Initially set on my forehead, I set them to my eyes, one eyepiece at a time, carefully as I'm dog paddling with the other arm. The trick is not to forget paddling and get a big gulp of air!

Yesterday Jorge took a look at the aircon problem and checked the actuator of the rear locking mechanism. Doesn't look promising, but we'll see. We went later to Festival for Karen's calculator and the to KFC at SLT for Che's blowout.

Here's a familiar sight every morning when we (Che, Karen and I) leave the house. Che keeps the dog (Snoopy) at bay while Karen opens the gate as I drive out the car. So what prevents Snoopy from rushing out the gate and scaring the kids outside? Feeding! That's Che (with the bruha hair in this pic) giving her dose of The Daily Bread - pieces of sliced bread. No wonder Snoopy's become fat.

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