Sidestroke facing Right

Right Sidestroke Tryout.
Most of the time nowadays, I do the scissors kick in the elementary backstroke instead of the 'book-prescribed' frogkick. Why? Well, with strict frogkicks the recovery phase creates waves and washes water to my face. The scissors kick, however, is lower in the water and doesn't disturb the water much. My scissors kick is with the right leg starting in front and the left leg at the rear. The right leg goes front and pushes back while the left leg goes back and whips back.

I thought of my Left sidestroke which required the reverse of the above scissors kick nad the result was pain on the right knee. So I'm guessing, why not a right sidestroke instead so as to do a pain-free scissors kick. Today I tried just that and it felt okay, but didn't really click yet coz I was panting after a length! Ahh.. meaning more practice.

As I left the pool today, I saw Christmas lanterns hanging overhead along the main street. All of a sudden I felt a certain nostalgia looking at this parols. The feeling wasn't sad but pleasant. I guess the cool morning air helped as I felt like this village put up their decors just at the right time.

Sandra was sweet enough to create her version of a Christmas Lantern. I thought it was for a school project or something. Nopes, just something she wanted!

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