Make Them Laugh

Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to go deliver a humorous speech. Entitled "Motel 101", it is the 3rd Speech Project - Make Them Laugh - in The Entertaining Speaker Manual. Did I succeed? I managed to get laughter so yes, I think I did. I've been THINKING of this speech project for quite a long time but it's only today that I got to write it in its entirety. Not only that, I only managed to practice the whole speech only today also! So even if I had relatively little preparation, I've been psyching up to it for quite some time now.

Here are the enthusiastic members of the KCPI Toastmasters club with TM Felix leading the Word-of-the-Day segment. This bunch has really improved and they're just in their 19th meeting.

Here's Pres. Jess giving a speech. That's TM Leonor near TM Hanika. She evaluated my speech. Way to go, guys!

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