Cemetery Visit

We visited the cemetery (DH's side). There's still a few people coming inspite of the day being Nov.5 already. I saw probly close to 20 vehicles just in the general vicinity. Sam went with us. The aircon's not doing well and we had to roll down the windows.

It was rather late in the morning when we got there. We had puto, mangoes (from our tree) and bagoong. We brought Renz's remote control car but somehow it didn't work - maybe dead batteries.

Apparently Karen said something that sent Renz giggling.

Either Sandra's giving Renz a sermon, telling him a scary story or downright hypnotizing him. Whatever it was, Renz seemed mesmerized.

Renz ready to pounce on the ates? Nah, just putting on his shoes.

The sun was really up at 12:00 and so we decided to pack up.

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