Christmas Decors Up

Bucked, chopped more wood. I don't know, sometimes, I just feel like I need some physical activity to start an otherwise boring day. We didn't have any plans for the day, so just stayed at home. Although we didn't go to the cemetery today, we still lit some candles at home. Here's the firewood bucket filled to the brim again.

"Roger on that, Control tower! This is the Champ. Enemy sighted at 2 o'clock! Mayday!" Renz, strangely looking like a fighter pilot on the Nebulizer. Ya, poor guy had a bad case of the coughs.

Well, the day wasn't totally wasted as the kids decided to hangup the Christmas tree and decors. That's Dada showing the Christmas sock with a bear on it. Karen assembled the tree, Cheche's decided to do the decorating while Renz is playing "supervisor".

I thought this wreath on the door is both simple and nice.

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Sean Carter said...

Looks like you all have got quite busy with the Christmas Decors... Weel for me - A new plan for the new Christmas- a Christmas wall clock on the right wall and colorful candle sticks all around...soothing wall papers and...more bright ideas hopefully! Peep into my Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas

Blackdove said...

Hi Sean. I look at your blog and ... a year-round Christmas blog? Interesting.