Kutsero for a Day

We finally decided to split the cemetery visits into 2 weekends. We went to Pampanga yesterday and plan on going to Makati next Sunday. We're glad we moved the Pampanga trip ahead. Typhoon Paeng is lashing through Northern Luzon as of this writing. Had we gone on the 1st, it would've been wet and muddy.

Morning of Saturday, we brought our 21-inch old Sony tv to the service center. I guess the power outages of Typhoon Milenyo finally conked it out. Luckily we still have another unit at home (the tv won by DH) so the two big sisters sem-break wasn't really so bad/dreary. Not many folks there at the center so it was fast getting it in for service. Just don't know how fast (and how expensive) it'll be getting it back. After that we went to Metropolis to buy storage boxes and some tetra drinks for the cemetery visit.

Sunday morning, we motored to Pampanga. Nothing unusual - no traffic jam - and it just took us 2 hours. After a nice breakfast we went to pick up the flowers and then on to the cemetery. Deng drove Bina's Revo and left the car. Renz actually went with Bina and his ate's had a field day waving and shouting to him from our Revo.

Here's the bored-looking group after putting on the candles. Karen doesn't seem too excited getting her picture taken. DH is just too "camera-shy" for this shot. Ate Che and Dada contented themselves with playing the ever-reliable game of sungka.

A couple of candles were stolen from a distant tomb thanx to some kids. Grrr... These rascals didn't even let the candles drip for a while. Nopes, they took 'em as Jess turned his back around.

Ahhh... finally some action in an otherwise boring situation. Insects! Yan-yan and Jing-jing (don't these names sound like Chinese Pandas?) found a praying mantis and wowed little Renz with it.

Okay. Time for some snacks. And on cue, everybody breaks into smiles. We had nice crunchy biscuits, choco flakes and banana chips. For drinks - Zesto!

The weather was just perfect (at least for me). There was no heavy rain to drench us and there was no sun either. It was mostly cloudy overcast. It was basically just as there visiting. The rest were just cleaning the tombs. When the threat of a drizzle became apparent, we promptly left at 10:45am.

Kalesa Kutsero for a Day

After a heavy lunch, I decided to rest and sleep. After an hour, I was awaken by some shouting and laughing from the PPG girls. Apparently, Uncle Jess took Renz to buy some fruits and came back riding a kalesa! But the thing is, and this was what the shouting was all about, Renz was pulling on the ropes! The mamang kutsero said that the horse is really tame and would take "orders" from anybody. Here's Renz "driving" the kalesa home.

Corz, the horse was practically just crawling coz Renz was gentle on the reins. After getting down, Renz was all excited:
DH: Anong color nung horse?
Renz: Brown po.
DH: (impressed) Ahhhh, brown pala!
Renz: Opo, at girl po siya.
DH: (even more impressed) Wow, at girl pa, ha? Paano mo naman nalamang girl?
Renz: Kasi po, may pony-tail.
Luckily, DH was quick to take this action shot of Renz. Renz liked the trip so much that he's asking Uncle Jess for a gray horse.

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