An Eventful Day

Once again today, we hosted this year's HOM. And for the second straight year, I'm doing the emceeing role. Well, this time though, I think I was better prepared. For one, the script I wrote was more organized and finished earlier.

Too bad though that my co-emcee, Flor, didn't come in time to practice the script. And she's not feeling well that her voice is not too good. Instead I asked Mimi to fill in for her. She's a toastmaster as well and readily accepted. And she did well like a pro!

We had a hugh crowd. Too bad they don't show in the pics. But here's the group that prepared for the event. Well, not all of them though. The APO numbers (Yakap Sa Dilim, Nakapagtataka, DoobiDoo) were a hit! I cannot believe how good the band has become.

Here's the gang waiting for the order at Chowking Mamplasan.

On the other camera, it was Renz's Investiture.

That's Renz wearing the Donald Duck hat and raising his fist (?).

With DH who took half-day leave for this.

And the monster sez... it's 60 days to Christmas !!!

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