Birthday Holiday

Birthday wasn't too hectic. Thanx to Eid'l Fitr (end of ramadan) holiday, I automatically had the day off. And this meant no heckling from officemates for a blow-out at the office. I even managed to trim some more the branches of our mango tree, bucking and splitting them in the process. After having a hearty lunch at home, we went to Festival to buy come vcds. I bought a pair of replaceable windshield wipers. We bought a couple of large pizzas and ate them at home while watching "The Perfect Storm". The rescue scenes from this movie looked similar to those in "The Guardian". It was really a satisfying day. I'm done with the basic layout of my online resume website to boot!

We're having problems scheduling for the All Saints' Day holiday. First off, the government decided it'll only be one day. This practically crams everybody's schedule to go to their dearly departed on just one day! WTF? I believe this is a precedent. I certainly don't want going around on THAT one day. It'll be virtually impossible to park. And the traffic jams - ugh.

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