Sandra's 10!

No Swim. Right ear still hurts.

I went to the doctor today for my right ear pain. I feel the ear pain only when burping or yawning. I found it hard to sleep last night and there was congestion that it felt like a cold was coming. Well, the doc said that blowing out the nose with both nostrils is not advisable and it's better to close one nostril while blowing out another! Hmmm, that's new to me. He looked inside the ear and said that the tympanic membrane was intact. There was cerumen though that needed cleaning with earbuds and hydrogen peroxide. All that was suggested was Neozep or decongestant. At least the pain now is not as bad as last night.

Christmas Greeting Cards

Che's been practicing for a couple of days now for their Speech Choir project in school and has been coming home late. While waiting for her so she could join in Sandra's treat, I decided to do this year's two Christmas Cards. So, finally, here they are.

This landscape version show below shows action shots and height comparisons with the kids standing. This card has the "politically correct" greetings message.

Faces haven't changed much in this portrait version which took me a while to complete to have the photo size just right for comparison. Which between the two cards looks better?

Sandra's Birthday

Finally, Che has arrived and the table is set. Sandra's cake is Rocky Road from Red Ribbon.

Sandra blowing the candles on her cake. Che and Karen have become impatient waiting for her to make a wish! Yup, grumpy AND hungry. But for little Renz, "This is the Moment."

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