6 Polos 3 Sides
Today, I was early at the pool (6:00am) coz I took Sandra to school. Her club, the Homemakers, is sponsoring the Mass today. I cleaned both ears with Hyrdrogen Peroxide. At the pook, the inside of the ears felt sensitive when water splashed inside - but no pain. When I put on the eardrops after the swim, now that was a bit painful.

Tried something new today. The idea was not to stop swimming but use the elementary backstroke as a rest stroke. The pool boy was cleaning so I only had 3/4 of the pool. The workout was moderately intense as I did a polo on one length for each lap. As a cooldown, I replaced the polo with a sidestroke.

Here's a new tip I thought of to prevent molding on the sports towel. My towel has started showing signs of molding with the black specks. So today, I brought a small clothes hanger to hang the towel on to the rear bumper mirror at the back of the car. I'd do this maybe once a week just so it gets "some sun" and aerated. Hope no one tries to steal it though. The car is parked so that not many people will see it. So, here it is, my mini-sampayan.

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