Smokin' Tuesday

Mixed Polos
I had a bad headache in the morning. I thought it wouldn't go away. Maybe it's the neckstrain with the polos coz I felt it originate from the neck.

I was at the pool early at 6:30am. Karen had an early practice with their Speech Choir piece. I guess this early hour is the time that some folks burn leaves (pag-sisiga). I realized that since it too early and the air still cool, the smoke doesn't naturally rise but lingers downwards. I don't notice the smoke smell when I come in like 7:00am or later. I suppose that at that time, either: 1.) the burning's done and the smoke's gone away or 2.) the air has warmed enough and the smoke simply rises above the pool. Anyway, I just didn't do much polos as I knew I'd be gasping.

This polo-type exercises are stretching my limbs. Even my thighs are getting tired when I attempt the eggbeater. The eggbeater style of treading is tough!

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