Eggbeater attempt
I tried to do an eggbeater today. Whew! Tougher than I thought and it's so exhausting. Didn't even manage to float. I mean I'd float if I used my arms, but that's not the idea. See, there are lots of new stuff to learn in swimming and it's not just limited to the 4 Olympic strokes. I gave up relearning the Butterfly stroke coz I just can find the point. Now the eggbeater, yup I'd love to learn that. Here's how an eggbeater kick looks like:

There's a site that explains good eggbeater technique here. A pdf copy of the text may be found here. I'd be very very happy if I'd learn it in a month or so. It's so cool! Water Polo players and Synchronized Swimmers do it. And it's very useful coz it frees up the hands.

Last Friday (it was holiday coz of Holiday Economics due to Bonifacio Day), we bought a couple of these Nokia 6070's for the 2 munsci kids - Che and Karen. The girls were ecstatic. Corz they had to subsidize the phones with P1K. The phones cost P5.9K each. They were really priced at P6.2K but DH haggled coz she was getting 2 units. Not bad, eh? Before they could go around using them, we plan to have their uniform skirt pockets' zippered. Assuming they zip the pockets, that will at least prevent the phones slipping out when they ride tricycles.

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gear jane said...

Isn't it amazing how after you learn the mechanics, you still don't seem to float like the lady on the video?