MunSci Speech Choir Day

Pool's cool today. I brought the kickboard just to see if I could make my life a little easier trying to learn the eggbeater or eb. Turns out, that yes, since I floated much easier, I could focus on the movement of the legs. Just don't know if I do it correctly though. The travails of self-training.

Che and Karen finally performed their speech choir numbers at MunSci. I barely made it coz when I got there, Karen's class Avogadro were the last in the 1st year sequence. The first year piece was "Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

There were lots of parents in attendance. I saw little Renz by himself under the basketball court. At first, I thought it wasn't him coz Tita Gay wasn't there. Che's class, Evans, actually came in as 1st runner-up for their speech "Psalm of Life"!

Here's a part of Karen's class. I took this pic from the second floor of the building.

This photo of Che's class was taken by Tita Gay.

Finally, after all those late-night and weekend practice sessions, the girls now get their well-deserved break. Good work, girls!

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