A Better Backstroke, Renz's 5th!

Again, I brought the kickboard. It's just a hassle lugging it around everytime, but I still need it to familiarize with the eggbeater kick without getting too tired. So today, I did 3 lengths of eggbeaters. I just remember not to put the kickboard too low in the water coz it raises the hips and the legs too much towards the surface. So keep the kickboard close to the surface and the legs go down deep thus simulating more the depth of a correct eggbeater.

I wasn't sure if the short eggbeater (let's call it eb, okay?) was correct. But I did float, even without the kickboard. I floated but had to use the arms to scull. Now, that isn't the end which I had in mind. My goal is to eventaully raise the arms out of the water.

At the final phase of today's workout, I attempted a backstroke. Immediately, I felt a sharp pain in my right knee which I was bending. And so, rather than bend my knee and whip out the foot, I focused on kicking with the whole leg as a unit. This meant kicking more from the hips. The result was better. I managed to finish almost the entire length. Nice. I need to keep on just straightening up the legs more when kicking.

Che didn't go to school today coz her left eye was swollen shut when she woke up - like Manny Pacquiao peppered her eye with a dozen jabs. Initially we thought it was an insect bite. But the swelling didn't subside even after using an ice pack. I asked our company doctor and he suggested anti-allergy medz Celestamine and Mefenamic for the pain. I called this up to Che and the swelling gradually disappeared.

Later in the day, we had a salo-salo for Renz's birthday. I believe Renz hinted on wanting a Jollibee meal. And so, we had a Jollibee treat (spaghetti and chickenjoy bucket), Chowking Pancit Canton, some lumpiang shanghai and a Rocky Road cake from Red Ribbon.

Here's Renz with the gang.

Renz's wearing a party hat (Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob Squarepants) from another JB birthday party.

Karen just had to take a hold of Renz who was about to blow his candle WHILE the girls were still singing Happy Birthday! Notice Sandra's improvised microphone.

The guy just LOVES being the center of attention in this pic.

Here's what became of the chickenjoy bucket after we were done with the chicken.

Renz was so 'ganado' for a pictorial this time. I guess, he was so proud of what he made out of the bucket.

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