Slower but Better Backstroke

Yuck, the water is more turbid today than the previous days. But I thought I don't need to submerge my head as I'm practicing eggbeaters and backstroke.
On eggbeaters, it's funny coz someone replied to a question I posted. His reply on my query for a eggbeater drill is this.

"I used to play a lot of water polo, the easiest way to explain it is imagine you are on a exercise bike with the peddles at a ten to two (clockface angle) position and carry out the cycling action with your knees and feet cycling at the ten to two angle. You should be able with this Cycling (Eggbeater Action) to raise both arms out of the water and keep your head steady as you carry out the kicking motion under the water. Practise makes perfect, but keep the image of being on the exercise bike in your mind."
Today, there was an instance that I thought I was doing this and I floated. Not as high as I wanted to though, but it felt a little more natural than the previous days. But it doesn't seem to be powerful enought and it's not the action I see in the videos. Anyway, I'll try again in upcoming practice sessions.

Now, I'm doing a very slow (I think) backstroke. I guess that's okay if only to get the technique right. It's slow and I'm breathing well - not randomly sinking. The only times that I get water up the nose is when water splashes as I raise an arm at recovery.

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