After getting Sandra's report card from LaCo, we went to Southmall to buy presents for the 2 little ones. So we had an early lunch at the ever reliable food court. There didn't seem to be too many people today. I thought with the bonus and the season and all, the foodcourt would've been packed. But then, I'm not complaining.

Then we went over to Toy Kingdom. Sandra took her quite a while to pick her presents. Renz on the other hand decided on a train. We had the train tested but the staff were hesitant to assemble all the tracks since it would take more space. So we just had the train's motor tested. Okay, fine. Later we saw a 2-car track set and said that we could use rechargeable AA batteries for the 2 cars instead rather than a D battery for the train. The tracks of the 2-car set were more colorful and the cars would even go up a bridge. It was a bit pricey at P369, but I actually liked it too. It's one of the showcased toys so I assume it was a bestseller. Renz was easily persuaded to get the 2-car track set instead. The set looked sturdier and the box even smaller.

Later, little Renz was really dissapointed when we told him that the gifts won't be opened til Christmas day. That was until he realized that even the ates' gifts were not opened. Just to make sure that he doesn't always gets distracted by his new toy for Christmas, we started gift-wrapping the toys and the ates' cellphones still in their boxes. That'll keep their minds on other things until it's time to open the presents.

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